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What are the benefits of having Primelase at your clinic?

With Primelase you have a platform that does not need much maintenance and gives excellent results, is safe for patients and is fast when performing treatments, offering you a good ROI with happy patients.

What is the applicators lifespan?

All Primelase applicators have a superior lifespan compared to others to exclusive technology based on the use of the latest generation of long life laser diodes, designed specifically for laser hair removal.

How does the crystal freeze technology work?

Our proprietary CrystalFreeze technology is based on sapphire contact cooling. It is the most effective cooling method preventing the surface of the skin from heating up excessively during the hair removal procedure. In PrimeLaseExcellence, the cooling system is located in the device, not in the handpiece. Allowing the handpiece to be lighter. It also allows for greater cooling power, optimized for the Primelase Excellence largest spot sizes.

How long does a session take?

Hair removal with Primelase is fast because up to 3 shots per second is possible in static mode and up to 10 shots per second in dynamic mode. The duration depends on the size of the area and the spot. For example, with the 30x9 spot size is possible to cover the entirety of both legs in 12 minutes, both arms in 9 minutes, the back in 4 minutes and the armpits in 1 minute.

Are the Primelase treatments painful?

With Primelase you can give your clients a treatment experience that is painless due to the advanced crystal freeze and the ultra-short pulse technology. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to satisfied patients.

Besides laser what other skin concerns can Primelase help with?

Primelase delivers consistent, visible results, time after time. It offers the possibility to treat all skin phototypes, all year round, of several skin indications: hair removal, vascular lesions, acne, and pigmented lesions.

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